Summer Time Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Summer Time Sea Turtle Nesting Season - HOOK 360°

Marine biologist Evan talks a little about turtle nesting season. 

Summertime is the start sea turtle nesting season. Sea turtles in North America nest all the from the Carolinas all the way to down to the coast of Texas and along Florida. 

There are 7 type of seat turtles, with 5 living around Florida and the three largest laying their eggs in Florida each year. Wether its the leatherback, loggerhead or green sea turtle, it's up to us to protect these species for years to come. If you run into a sea turtle at night on the beach please keep your distance. Sea turtles are very sensitive to bright lights so no flash photography and no cameras. Enjoy the experience and be sure to leave mama alone.

5 Fun Facts about Sea Turtles

  1. They think Jellyfish are delicious
  2. Believe it or not they can not retract into their shells
  3. On average they live about 100 years
  4. Sea turtles can hold their breath for 5 hours
  5. They have been around an estimated 110 million years.