When you choose HOOK 360°, you're not just gearing up for your next adventure. You're joining a community of eco-conscious adventurers committed to making a difference. With every purchase, you help us fund crucial conservation efforts, ensuring the great outdoors remain vibrant and accessible for generations to come.

Operate Responsibly

HOOK 360° believes in preserving our planet for generations to come by operating with a near zero carbon footprint & supporting causes that align with the protection of our resources and the natural world around us. On and beneath the land, the oceans, all bodies of water, and our air.

No plastics. No styrofoam. noissue. Our mission to promote a better planet had to extend past donating and supporting these valuable causes. We go above and beyond to store and ship all of our orders in 100% recycled or biodegradable packaging with absolutely zero plastics. We are proud to be plastic-free and to offer packaging that will decompose naturally within 4-6 weeks. In tandem with noissue., a recyclable/compostable packaging company and local recycled paper vendors we are able to offer the best eco-friendly packaging we can.

HOOK 360 - Sustainable Packaging HOOK 360 - Beach Clean-Up

Hooked On Conservation

We have brought on marine biologist, Evan Orellana to further our mission by launching ‘Hooked on Conservation’, short educational videos discussing various conservation topics. This series discusses fun animal facts, conservation efforts we support and much needed info on the state of our planet. You can find these videos by visiting the HOOK 360° YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and get HOOKed.