HOOK 360° and Hurricane Dorian Relief

HOOK 360° and Hurricane Dorian Relief - HOOK 360°

A Glimpse of Hope

Being a South Florida based company, hurricane prep is something we need to fit into every fall season. But, closely watching Hurricane Dorian grow from a tropical depression to a category 5 monster storm has been intense.

Our family has lived in South Florida all our lives and have endured the devastation of multiple hurricanes. We’ve lived through Hurricane Andrew, Wilma, Katrina and many more devastating storms resulting in floods and loss of power. Hurricane Dorian has left a path of wreckage. We know the unfortunate devastation well but one beam of light always shines through in the aftermath; the inspirational thought of how we always REBUILD.

Dorian's Path

With its slow speeds and record-setting winds, Hurricane Dorian was unlike any storm we’ve encountered. When Dorian hit the Bahamas it was moving at a pace between 3-5 mph. For a majority of Hurrican Dorian's time in the Bahamas, the eye was centered over Abaco Island. For 48 hours the north-west Bahamas had endured one of the strongest hurricanes on record.

Great Abaco Island includes some wonderful places like Marsh Harbor, Crossing Rocks and Sandy Point. A majority of the residents there live off of the land and sea. The HOOK 360° family has been thinking of all our friends and loved ones who are in this area. Based on the most recent news, Hurricane Dorian has devastated this area and Grand Bahamas Island.

Relief Efforts

Hurricane Dorian hit just as we are celebrating our 1-year anniversary and really brought our mission into perspective. We launched HOOK 360° to give back to the planet by supporting strong conservation projects and educating the next generation. So, when we saw what our friends to the East were going through, we had to help.

We have been blessed to form a relationship with the amazing team at Staniel Air. Staniel Air has been celebrating the beauty and culture of the Bahamas for years. Staniel Air offers breathtaking tours to the stunning Staniel Cay in the Exuma Islands. Luckily, Staniel Cay was spared but they were not going to turn their back on their welcoming neighbors. The company has shifted gears in order to aid the relief of Hurricane Dorian's destruction.

Staniel has collected thousands of pounds of much-needed goods. Over the past week, they have collected water, food, first aid kits, baby supplies and more. We at HOOK 360° have dropped off donations to Staniel Air to aid in their efforts. This team is utilizing their own airplanes to fly all the donations over to the effected Bahamas areas. Kevin Doyle, CEO of Staniel Air, has such a love for the islands he calls his second home. Kevin has shifted his main focus to help with the Hurricane Dorian relief effort. Staniel Air is a team of caring hearts we're honored to call friends.

A New Beginning to Our Mission

So, on these days since Hurricane Dorian has passed, we look back at our 1-year anniversary and it is clear to us that our mission has just started. People all over the world need support. The coming generations need to be educated and we all need to continue to appreciate the great outdoors. Our planet, our home, needs to be kept beautiful for further generations to enjoy it as we do.

How you can help

The Bahamian government and several organizations are accepting donations of money and in some cases supplies to support rescue, relief and recovery.

● The Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund, set up by the Bahamian government, is accepting wire transfers. The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency has posted instructions here.

● The American Red Cross is accepting donations by phone at 800-435-7669 or online here.

● The Grand Bahama Port Authority has established the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation to provide relief to that island. It’s accepting donations and supplies.

● World Central Kitchen has sent teams to provide food on Grand Bahama and the Abacos. The organization, founded by chef José Andrés, is accepting money here.