Hook 360 1st Anniversary

Hook 360 1st Anniversary - HOOK 360°

When I think about HOOK 360°’s first anniversary three things come to mind and they are family, the great outdoors and improving our planet for the next generation.

My father and I launched HOOK 360° in the fall of 2018. We took a closer look at how some of our favorite companies who were putting the planet second and/or third in some cases. We have all observed the wasteful plastic and styrofoam that so many brands ship out daily. In addition to the waste very few make a conscious effort to improve the planet each and every day.

With these clear signs and our passion for the great outdoors, HOOK 360° was launched. Since our first day we have been proud members of 1% for the planet, shipped every order in recycled newspaper packaging and each order has supported the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Joining 1% for the planet was a big deal for us. We wanted everyone to know that HOOK 360° is serious about putting mother earth first. 1% for the planet brings together businesses like HOOK 360° and nonprofit partners like the Coral Restoration Foundation to work toward a better tomorrow.

The Coral Restoration Foundation is the largest coral reef restoration organization in the world. They plant more than 3,000 corals of various species each year and in addition to restoring these reef tracks, it directly improves the living environment for thousands of fish and marine life. They say the ocean is the lung of the earth, well coral reef acts like the lungs of the ocean.

You may say ‘How do coral reefs help people’ and that question has many answers but there are 2 key points that stick out. Coral reefs provide some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet that supports life, food and protection. In addition to supporting life coral reefs protect coastlines around the world from waves, storms and floods. This is truly a cause all of us at HOOK 360° wanted to support.

Supporting a great cause, being part of the 1% community was a big goal and many would have stopped there. But our family wanted to operate on a small carbon footprint. HOOK 360° decided each order would be shipped in recycled paper completely plastic free. We teamed up with some great partners such as No Issue, who provide recyclable packaging.

We tell everyone, remove the product and the package will decompose within 4-6 weeks.

So as I think about our 1-year anniversary, improving the planet, supporting the great outdoors, we can’t oversee the family. Our father/son company has built a family, who is a team within our walls and a larger family all around the world from America to New Zealand and everywhere in between. With that said, I want to thank each and everyone of our growing HOOK 360° family members who not only enjoy the gear but also truly support our mission.

Let's raise our stainless steel tumblers and straws and toast to many years of happiness, adventure & a better planet under the same beautiful blue skies.

Thank you
Brett Diaz, Founder