5 Top Kettlebell Exercises by Coach Joey

5 Top Kettlebell Exercises by Coach Joey

Coach Joey of Warrior Fitness Camp

Coach Joey has trained hundreds of people, inspiring and motivating them to change their lives. Add these 5 exercises to your weekly work out. Joey is wearing an American Flag neck gaiter, arm sleeve and tri-blend shirt.

1. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a great exercise for the glutes, back and hamstrings. Place the kettlebell about 1-2 feet in front while in a nice 3 point stance. You do not want your feet too wide because the power will come through the hips. You can put a bit of a tilt on the kettlebell before you start. Power the swing via the hips with a nice neutral spine while squeezing your glutes. It's important that you control the kettlebell, do not let it control you. Keeping control will help protect your back.

2. Kettlebell Press

The single kettlebell press starts with getting the kettlebell in the front rack position. We can achieve this by a deadlift and cheat curl or a clean. Once in the pocket, the kettlebell is laying on the forearm and the fist is in the middle of the chest. From this position you want to drive up with a tight core. Notice your bicep is by the ear when fully extended. Bring the kettlebell right back to the pocket. Be sure to do this for both arms.

3. Kettlebell Goblet Squat

The kettlebell goblet squat uses a swing catch motion to bring the kettlebell into position. You want to hold the horns of the kettlebell nice and tight while pinching the elbows down. This position keeps you locked in. Feet position should be around shoulder length apart at 10 and 2. When ready you squat down and shoot those hips back with the knee meeting the hips parallel. In this position the weight should be on the mid foot heal, and remember you should not have the weight on your toes. Power the squat up while keeping the glutes tight to complete the movement.

4. Kettlebell Burpee

The over kettlebell lateral burpee will definitely get your heart rate pumping. First you have to do the burpee by dropping down and popping your legs back into the push up position. From here you swing your legs back underneath the body and pop up while jumping over the kettlebell. You land on the other side and repeat the burpee. This exercise is more advanced but is great to build your core and stamina. Coach Alysha & Alyssa are rocking the modern camo performance leggings.

5. Plank Push Ups

The plank push ups starts with a nice tall plank which is the top of the push up. Notice the hands are underneath the shoulders, on your toes and pulling your naval toward your chest. This keeps everything in line. Next you go down to your elbow on each side and back up on the hand while keeping your naval pulling toward the chest. Keep your back straight because you do not want to arch or curve your back. This ensures the plank push up is done correctly.


These 5 exercises are great when done together, Coach Joey suggests doing each exercise for 1 minute for 5 sets. This circuit will keep the heart rate pumping, get the body burning calories and very importantly strengthening your core.