Zero Waste Packaging

Zero Waste Packaging - HOOK 360°

Zero waste packaging is a packaging system where all materials are used, reused, or recycled so there’s no wasted materials. This is so much more than simply using sustainable packaging supplies. We are incredibly passionate about this we know today it may not seem incredibly important, but ask our children and their children in the years to come. They will thank you. The ultimate goal - especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic where paper resources are being consumed at an alarming rate, is all packaging be recovered and none burned or buried.

Even though our packaging is in fact biodegradable. We use minimalist packaging, reduced package sizes, and reduce packaging waste. This keeps our shipping costs lower and gives us the ability to ship more, with less. We've replaced boxes with flexible mailers, using fully recyclable envelopes where and when we can, and better matching products with appropriately sized shipping containers. Does it cost us more upfront? Yes - absolutely it does. Our neck gaiters are packaged in 100% recycled/upcycled, biodegradable, reusable envelopes. 

Our research shows that customers who are truly behind the environmental causes we stand behind are willing to partner with us. We need to be more than social compliant. We need to be future-thinking and just less wasteful.