Recycling and Up cycling Tips

Recycling and Up cycling Tips - HOOK 360°

1.   Pack a stainless steel straw and spork in your lunch box

2.   Create your own kitchen herb garden by up cycling aluminum cans

3.   Lunchables are 84% plastic, use a glass jar to pack fresh cheese, crackers and deli meats

4.   Pack sandwiches and snacks in parchment or butcher paper instead of plastic bags.

5.   Create a three bin recycling system (plastic, paper, wood) in your room, home and classroom.

6.   Replace plastic bottles with reusable water bottles or boxed carton water like your carton of milk.

7.   Up cycle empty shampoo and soap bottles as pencil and marker holders.

8.   Ask mom and dad to use reusable bags at the store.

9.   When enjoying outside always leave it cleaner then when you found it

10.  Old toys can be donated to charity or properly recycled

Fishing Tips

1.   Catch & Release, this will help the fish population to grow

2.   Always recycle fishing line to reduce the chance of it ending up in the water

3.   Use circle hooks while fishing, since they are safer on the fish. Circle hooks tend not do swallowed as deep as J hooks

4.   Never bring styrofoam coolers out fishing

5.   Up cycle containers to hold lures, hooks and worms