Legendary Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Host Daymond John Spotted in Bimini Wearing HOOK 360°

Legendary Entrepreneur

As an original Shark Tank shark, we’ve watch entrepreneur, investor, and author Daymond John invest in over 60 businesses—totaling over $8.5 million in investments! That’s not to mention his personal businesses and the deals he makes outside of his hit TV show.

While John is clear that he works long and hard hours, he makes a point to prioritize work-life balance. At the top of his list are his family, fishing, archery, and snowboarding. From an early morning fishing excursion on the Upper New York Bay to boating and fishing at his cabin in Dutchess County, and a recent one-day trip to the Bahamas where he was spotted wearing HOOK 360°.

No Catch And Release

While some fish for trophies or sport, John fishes to enjoy his catch—which he cleans and cooks himself. If it’s an early morning catch from the lake along his 100+ acre cabin, John will gather eggs from his chickens and Guinea hens to enjoy fresh fish and eggs for breakfast. Some of his favorite fish to catch and cook include largemouth bass, mahi-mahi, salmon, snapper, grouper, and kingfish.

You might spot John fishing on the bay before heading to work in NYC, and when he has a day or more to get away, you’ll likely find him on the water. While on a one-day vacation in Bimini, Bahamas John kept himself cool and protected wearing a blue and white HOOK 360°'s Pro-Series Performance Shirt.

Long Sleeves For Long Days On The Water

It’s a romantic notion to spend long days on the water soaking in the sun in nothing more than swim shorts or a swimsuit. The reality is, whether you are in or on the water, the ocean reflects the sun, accelerating the rate at which you burn. By investing in a performance shirt designed for the sun, heat, and humidity—you can enjoy the sun without worry of burning. At the very least, layer longer sleeves on part of the day.

HOOK 360°'s Pro-Series Performance Shirt is ultra-thin and lightweight, even when wet. It has vents built-in to provide airflow and minimize sweat. While it’s essential to apply sunscreen to exposed areas, the shirt has a UPF 50+ block rating—which means it blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays. Comfort is further enhanced with flatlock stitching and seams, a long torso, and label-less neckline. Keeping with the theme of US entrepreneurship, the shirt John is wearing is made in America.

Prefer a shorter sleeve? Select a short-sleeved option!

Who Is HOOK 360°?

HOOK 360° was founded in 2018 with the notion that an outdoor brand can be a champion of the planet. With the understanding that to enjoy nature we must conserve nature, their quality clothing and accessories are stored, shipped, and packed in alignment with Noissue’s recyclable standards. They are a proud member of 1% For The Planet and give back to the Coral Reef Restoration Program. Shop with the confidence that you are supporting the natural and outdoor spaces you love most!