HOOK 360° Announces Its Youngest Fishing Ambassador at 6 years old

HOOK 360° Announces Its Youngest Fishing Ambassador at 6 years old - HOOK 360°
Kaya Mystic is a 6-year-old who loves to fish more than anything

The HOOK 360° team recognized 6-year-old Kaya Mystic at their beach clean up and was inspired by her love of fishing. Kaya, who was named after a Bob Marley album, encompasses the same spirit of love and compassion and is being raised to love nature. At the ripe young age of six, she knows how to properly cast, hook, reel and release all on her own. This young angler enjoys fishing for Peacock Bass, Snook, Snakehead and other fresh water fish.

“I got me a little somethin’ somethin’,” Kaya says after every catch which has become the young angler’s catch phrase.

            Through the power of Instagram, 6-year-old old Kaya has grown in popularity within the fishing community. HOOK 360° embraces the opportunity to support future generations. It was a no brainer after hearing about Kaya, who is truly an ambassador in the purest sense of the word. HOOK 360° teamed up with pro-staff Matt Fernandez, screen printer Royalteez and Kaya’s dad to surprise her with gear.

            “As an avid angler for years down here in South Florida, I am thoroughly impressed with how good Kaya’s skills are and her vast knowledge of fish,” said angler Matt Fernandez.

HOOK 360° surprised Kaya on Sunday, December 16th, with a new fishing pole, tackle box, HOOK 360° apparel and enjoyed a day of fishing with this future pro angler. Kaya maintains good grades, loves to fish with her dad and hopes to inspire more kids, especially young girls, to get out on the water.

“We need more children like Kaya in the world. Here at HOOK 360° we always strive to put our planet and HOOK 360° family first. Having kids like Kaya out here fishing and practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle will inspire more youth to put down the electronics and enjoy nature,” proclaimed HOOK 360° founder Brett Diaz.