Get Hooked on the Great Outdoors | Podcast | Camping + Jetboil + Peak Refuel

Get Hooked on the Great Outdoors | Podcast | Camping + Jetboil + Peak Refuel
Hey, guys. All right, so we are starting our first podcast here, and my name is Matthew Fernandez, a.k.a. my name Matt Outdoors. And this is big Dog Diaz here, and this is Get hooked with Hook 360. So we're excited to go ahead and get together on a nice cold Miami day. This is winter for us, but we're very excited to start this podcast and get hooked.

And we have a couple of things we want to talk about. And Brett, I mean, come on, we can talk about like, why do we want to start a podcast? I mean, why should they listen to us, right? So yeah, so hook three six. The obviously we've been around for a little bit. We did some audio podcasts before.

We, you know, dabbled in like three or four episodes of that which are still up and wanted to kind of start this again and video it. So trying to add new low level to this and we're actually in Matt's backyard. Yeah this is like HQ for all outdoors eventually we I had the John boat bass boat have a couple of crazy things happening back here.

It's it's kind of HQ for all outdoors around here. Yeah. It's a great setup. And today, you know, I'm going camping. Actually in a couple weeks with my son. Last year we went, did a few camping trips, went to dry Tortuga National Park, which is beautiful, is a bucket list camping trip for most people. And it's it's an amazing place.

It's off the coast of 70 miles or so off the coast of Key West. And it was an unbelievable experience. You're literally on an island in the middle of the ocean. It was it was something it was something magical. I'm going to do go do it again next year, but highly recommend everyone to go check out Dry Tortugas National Park.

But in a couple of weeks, I mean, actually go do fish eating Greek. That's awesome. Yeah. If you're from Florida and I can say probably nationally, a lot of people are fishing in Crete, but it is one of a kind of location. I think it's one of the few that you can kind of do Turkey hunt, kayaking, fishing, everything.

I mean, you'll see gators come up on your campsite if you want, but it's one of the kind. It really is. Yeah. It's about like an hour and a half north of Fort Lauderdale. And it's a great, great spot that you can camp right on the side of the creek. We're actually going to be camp in by their swimming lake.

They have not only kayak and canoe rentals, but they have shuttles that will take you different, you know, different areas up the creek. The one that we're looking to do, I think it's I think it's a four mile up the creek. So the boys can we can canoe back down four miles back to camp and lot of nature walks, a lot of gators, a lot of wildlife to to check out.

And it's going to be a fun time. It's really looking forward to it. Yeah, I think that's one thing, you know, And Brett called me and he was kind of like, Hey, you know, we want to get this podcast on GitHub. You know, we had this idea of there's so many fathers on daughters, our daughter, father families, you know, that they want to go camp fish hunt, start out, understand the outdoors.

There's a lot of podcasts out there that you can only get the experience of. This is a fishing podcast. This is a hunting podcast or this is a camping podcast, you know, backpacking. This is kind of everything. You know, you look for party and bring some guests on giving you expertise. We're not saying we're experts, but we love to dabble and we're I'm kind of a gear junkie.

So especially like we're gonna talk about the jump ball today, the minimal. I'm obsessed with it and I take it everywhere I go. I mean, what it's always with me and even my truck either go fishing on my boat, camping, hiking, anything. I'm taking this with me. So we look forward to trying out new gear common down below.

If you're watching on YouTube. Right. Or hit us up on the comments section of what should we try? You know, what kind of gears you want to see us try, especially where we're kind of above between right now. We really love camping. We take, you know, I go yearly twice a year now I have a newborn son, so we're kind of getting to slowly get back into camp here.

But there's a lot of bucket list items that kind of like camping and the junkies on the Everglades. I want to try on a beach on 10,000 islands. So there's a bunch of things that I think Brett and I are excited to share with you all, especially new to this. You know, I Googled, I don't know how many times what type of job boy you need and how often we need to, you know, dehydrate your own meals, things like that.

So we're also going to show you peak refuel. That's Brett brought that on board some excited. So when I was camping last time, you know obviously I had a young son so pack some of our own meals, vacuum sealed, some steak, vacuum sealed, some chicken, some other stuff, but then also brought some peak refill meals to the to the campsite.

And they worked out great. I've tried a few different ones, and I got to say that so far for my taste, Peak refuel has been the best taste wise simplicity to prepare it. It's been great and it's been it's a nice for me, it's a nice addition to if you're grilling steak or, you know, you know, cooking a fresh cut fish, stuff like that.

It's a nice addition to it, but they're super filling. So if you were by yourself and you had one of these and you put in two, you know, two cups of water, boiling water, we're going to be actually using the jet boil, which I'm a huge fan of. Yeah, that's pretty cool. And so that's the other thing, too.

We're not sponsored by any of these pink or jumbo. We really believe in it. We love it. So we kind of just wanted to showcase and start out, I guess, this episode an easier trail. You know, we have some wild ideas, but we thought, let's just let's go into it, you know, nice and easy. And I like I'm a baseball guy, so we're going to run into this, you know, nice and easy.

When's the first time that you use the jet boil? Like, when did you get into using jet boil? Yeah. So there is my wife and I. My wife and I, we love the outdoors. One thing I think that's the best part about our marriage is that we're best friends and we really just love enjoying doing things together. She brought up the idea of backpack camping and right away, you know, as a traditional camper that, you know, you pack everything, you have your four person tent into the car and you go to a site.

It was like a whole new world for me. So all I could think about the whole time is, okay, how to get your water, how to get your food. And we started YouTube and researching and there was a lot of out things out there. And so my wife and I, we headed out in Georgia to the Cloud Canyon State Park, and we were able to backpack in there.

And the biggest thing was is how do you backpack and how do you bring this food? When I'm not doing dehydrated meals, I can pack a refill. We actually brought our own like Ziploc. We actually like pesto and pasta chicken in a bag. These are done and we just jump worlds cook it all. And so what ended up happening was I needed to find something that would be light enough to make coffee, to also make, you know, food and then to something you can pack up and not take a lot of space.

Right. So obviously on this one, I had the big canister. I was kind of my my fist, one of our first canisters when we got kind of like we're doing a long trip. And just in case I want to take some extra fuel. We ended up buying this set up right here with the M.O. And the reason why is because my wife is two of us, and we thought the meals can fit all nice and easy, the minimal on top pour down on a plate and you're set right.

Or, you know, for you. I bet you can just point. We'll show you. Now you can boil the water, put in the bag. But really, when we went out to Cloud Canyon, which I really recommend, it's in Georgia and northern Georgia. It is absolutely gorgeous. And it's one of a kind of place to do it. You know, it was kind of a nice easy way to get into backpack camping, camping.

I think we only hiked maybe a couple of miles, several miles. And so it wasn't so bad. I know friends of mine that do way more than that. But really, when we brought in the jet on it was a game changer because now we can keep it light, have good food, and not just like P.B. and J sandwiches or something like that.

And we can actually truly enjoy the camping experience. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, one of our pros, Stef Ross, who I've been buddies with for a long time, he's out. He's out in Colorado now, sadly, but he's enjoying it. He's enjoying Colorado. Florida Boy went to Colorado and but he he's been using that was my first introduction to Jeff Boyle.

He's been using them for quite some time and always, always praised them. And so once I got mine, I thought, this is great. I mean, just so convenient and such a good product and lightweight does the job. And so big, big get boy fan. So we're going to actually live, cook up some, cook some cook up some of these and try first and then check them out.

So I actually have two here. I have a chicken teriyaki rice, which I used, and I actually paired it with some steak and it was me, my dad and my son. And that that went well. And then we have a breakfast skillet as well that has a it has eggs, sausage, potatoes, peppers. And listen, I mean, all these meals, they're all chef prepared meals.

And I don't know if anyone has actually seen how you dehydrate dehydrate a meal. But, you know, once it's let's just say, you know, tomato sauce or whatever, once the meal is done, it's spread out on these big sheets, put in the dehydrator and then boom, takes all that water out. The taste, the flavor, everything is supposed to just stay locked into the food and you can actually buy dehydrated and make your own meals.

I know some people just yeah, some people do that and they buy the bags and prep it themselves. So that's one way, obviously, to use the the jet bowl. But what Matt was saying was you could also do where you're boiling the water and put it in a bowl with, you know, premade meals, just a warm up. So we'll get these going.

Yeah. You know, shortly. And the cool part about it is, you know, this is what I personally as kind of want to show you super cheap on Amazon and then you can just eat them out of the bag. Get your spork and your spoon and just two basic simple, I think a cost like two months or something actually is a Christmas gift.

So I appreciate to the family member that I knew that this was you know the cool part is you just eat in the bag and just toss it out. Yeah. So yeah and, and funny enough, I've not had this one actually, I have not had you hydrated. Well, anyway, so I'm kind of excited to try this out. And you should have seen us set up for this podcast.

Talk a little bit. So we're really hungry. So it's going to be actually a great time to try this. Yeah, you know, we've been on like a two and a half hour setup. Shout out to your boy. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Daniel. He's a he's a genius. Cables have been misplaced, but. But we're all ready to go, so.

So we're doing something a little different here. I know there's a camping, you know, camping segment, but we decide to go like Bill Nye, the Science Guy, you know, Bill Nye grow up or something. You know, scientist as a kid. You watch him on TV, but he would always have some sort of liquid in some sort of glass container.

Yeah. So this would be fun. So the many the minimal real quick, very simple actually comes in a pretty light container. And I mean I have it already pre set up nice part. It's got some handles when I go camping I actually drink excuse me camping or honey or anything. If I just want some cup of coffee I'll go ahead and actually drink it out of here.

The cup, the cover itself has a strainer for your pasta and things like that. And but it also has a hole that you can just go ahead and sip your coffee or sip whatever you drink. And some people have done soup in it. There's a ton of stuff online people do with it and then it just works on a canister made by Jumbo.

Has the the kind of the three prong stand, which is really cool and it's very simple. And the one part I like about it, this is actually the big reason why I got this one in particular to it has its own clicker. So you heard that you know, if I put it here, you'll hear it basically its own starter.

So I have to really worry about carrying a lighter with me, which is awesome. So keep it simple, right? I always say kids keep it simple. So, you know, like, this is perfect. So this is really, really simple. So let's go ahead. We'll try this one. What are we looking at? Which one is this? This one is the chicken teriyaki.

So this is a a cup and a third coming out the water. Yeah. So? So through this one, go take off the top so pre pre poured a couple of fared well go ahead. Do you want to do when you open these bags you want to pick out like a little packet here little oxygen absorbers you want to take these out.

Okay. And then the crazy part is because you can actually do those on the podcast, right? We've pulled in like a minute. So yeah, it's pretty quick. yeah. Which is great. Actually. If you want it cut on that camera, we can get camera TUBULIN. All right. Okay.

So you guys can see here. Okay, answering all these questions, you could see the fire. It's already smoking. We don't recommend trying this one. I was talking a little bit. All right. I mean, while it's not, it's been about and I even have it on full blast and these canisters last I thought, obviously I bought the big one.

Figured it was going to last. I've had this for quite some time. That's pretty cool. Something so. that's awesome. We're record in winter time and then mix it up and let it sit for a few minutes. So you're going to let us know what you enjoyed, what type of you the movie move before you know this mountain house with a bunch of other reasons is the one that a lot of people have recommended Dose So that's what we want to try to bring it on onto the podcast.

You know, I'm great. Use it on history and great writers never, you know let me down on your one and there you go. I just want to make sure I didn't tell you. So now we to pour that boiling water into the pack. Let me go ahead and put it here. You take that spoon, stir it around a little bit and kind is our actually, let's use that Christmas gift.

Yeah. Smells good, fellas. Zip that up and let it sit. Now, I've seen some out there that they soft pressurize a soft, soft book, stuff like that. But I think this is a pretty easy way. All right. So that will sit for a little bit. All right. So now we're going to put two cups of water. This is going to be for the skillet, the eggs.

We're going to do two cups of water. Boil that up once again. and by the way, there is a measurement line inside the chapel, but we'll just change the system here a little bit and then so you go like this oxygen to. So we'll go ahead and that. That's a little funny. No, no, I'm a breakfast guy, but I bet you want to go.

But you can go overboard to get that breakfast. Well, that's exactly what I didn't really. I mean, we didn't know. Okay, that was pretty cool. Yeah. All right. So great minds think alike. I think that's the way to kind of add some Proteas with the skillet in there. It's the cheese. And if you had it, it's a hot sauce.

And I say sauce. Yeah, I'm a catch a sorry my eggs so. But I will not do anything to them. Yeah. Putting the hot sauce in there is great. You know the one thing the reason we've got to solve this one, it's easy to demonstration. There's a lot of discussion on the podcast, but the other one is it's this easy.

Yeah, yeah. I really, like, don't make your camping trip more stressful than it is. There's times that I can't and I way I only did my food. And then what I mean by that is like my meal for like I thought I was going to go on a mission to a restaurant in my kitchen and I'm like, calm down, You know, just enjoy being with the family kitchen bird, hot dogs.

And, you know, I do the occasional steaks, all the that, but I won't go ahead. And, you know, some people make their own bread. I yeah, that's pretty easy. But, you know, for the most part I try to keep on using my food or walking toppings. I don't do that. Those Brady Bunch Doritos or Fritos, you know, question about I got a YouTube video on that on the channel and it's just so easy to do on beef.

And then of course the kids love it catches on and you know they you know, that's the biggest thing I try to make it simple. Enjoy with your family and don't stress about it because especially like the person that's running the trip is always extra dry tortillas. You were the one running the trip, so you always had to think a little.

Yeah. No. Yeah. My health would have been so sweet. This camping trip that we're going to go to in a couple of weeks, it's five, five or six kids around six, seven years old and all their dads. So, you know, basically each person's grabbing one meal. So I'm bringing all the taco stuff for for the first night. you know, another dad is bringing all the stuff for breakfast.

That's my mom splitting it. Yeah, the duty. So you don't feel like all the is on you. And so let's grab this. So we're going to go ahead and check out this. This is inside the the eggs. Yes. Do that around us. So, I mean, we we boil the two cups of water, less than 60 seconds, and then we're just going to close it up and let it steep for it's just this jet boils like so much.

So, yeah, Like, I mean, it's pretty simple. You run the instructions on Star Wars. iPads cost less than 15 minutes. Now, you probably will be waiting for 15 minutes, but shoot, I mean, it should be perfectly fine. the only thing is with the jump ball, make sure that bottom is hot. So make sure you I have touched it once or twice an hour and I'm doing and camping and all that.

But it's it's pretty cool. Like especially the tank here I'll say like out of about 100% you can do 108 points. So I mean, if you're having a camper, just one of these giant canisters, you'll be all set. Yeah. So this is pretty solid. So you guys, I'll sure you guys right there. You know, it kind of gives you the the measurements and everything pretty easily.

We're kind of using a screen to help you guys see everything. But anyway, I mean, that's the whole thing. It's. It's so stinking easy. It's just we have no complaints about this check point. Yeah. Now there's there's plenty of there's like the tall one here and then there's like the actual giant pot. I bought the kit, but this comes with you can do this.

So let's hear that. Let's hit that cup. And here you go. Okay. All right. So anyway, so let me just put this in the sand for a second. I have. All right. So what we'll do is we'll open up this first one and, you know, start to, you know, put on some a couple of plates, you know, once again, when you know, when you guys do go out, go camping.

It's all about leaving the campsite, exactly how you found it. Whatever you bring in there, it should look exactly how it is when you guys leave. You know, don't keep any trash there. Bring some trash bags if you're going to do especially with the family and make sure that you leave it exactly how you found it and or better.

So it's fine because when I first met Brant about 2019, you know, when he was like with home three, 16, everything, there's a lot of companies out there, right? And the one thing I always admired about Brett, the second he envisioned this company, right? It was first the mission, right? The mission of making the the planet better. Right?

Leaving the way better than he found it using the products. I love your packaging. That's one of my favorites. You know, he his packaging is very precise to make sure that the what the basically recycling material it's amazing yeah we're zero plastic so I mean when you do get a package, it's in recycled paper or in a recycled brown recycled envelope, you know, as minimal tape as we need.

So it's it's all about get the gear to call it a year and, you know, don't make a huge impact on the planet if we can avoid it. And so that's that's that's the name of the game and enjoying the outdoors whether you like hiking, fishing, kayaking, cycling, you know, whatever you enjoy, you know, really try to get out there.

I know sometimes life gets busy. You know, there's people here who live in Florida who never go to the beach, which is a fact is boggles my mind. But, you know, you know, you need to you should definitely enjoy wherever you're at. I know I've met plenty of people down in Florida their whole lives, you know, 67 years old.

They've never been to the Everglades and been in, you know, to Shark Valley, which is a really cool bike trail where the alligators just kind of chillin. They're so used to, you that you're hiking right next to you can take a you know, obviously be mindful and stay cautious of the Gators. But you know, even terms like selfies are going at a distance and that's one thing you know with and that's why I agree.

You know I agree now as friends of friend. But also, you know, I really do believe in the product, which is great. And every time I give me somebody, I told them to purchase the product. So friends like these shirts, Ryan's performance shirts, I mean, especially in Florida. Anyway, it's hot. It's one of a kind of sense of keeps you cool, protects you from the sun, especially, you know, Florida here.

The sun is brutal, especially in the summers. I take this one hunting all the time. And, you know, for instance, we're dove hunting in January. And of course, one weekend it's cold, Miami, winter cold. And then the next following weekend it's blazing hot. So it's easy just to throw the sun and enjoy a nice, you know, four mile hike and stay comfortable and cool.

And even your neck gaiters, too, and your hats. I mean, I, I honestly I'm a hat guy because I'm always worried of like, I'm the bass player, so you'll always see me grab a hat, cover the bill. I was top right by my father of how to wear a hat and, you know, go ahead and cover the bill.

So it was nice when he when Bret first introduced the product, you know, right away he asked me about the quality of the hat, man. I still have some from like 2018 and 2018, and they're content and they wash really well. So overall, you know, we do this to to promote Hope 3060. But behind the mission is is is one of a kind.

You know there's really heart and soul into this. This is not a a just a company for money or like it is a true family run business, which is awesome. But yeah, so so let's try this out. So here, hit the cut button so we can quit this. You. So this is the chicken teriyaki and you can see there's piece of the chicken in there.

There's vegetables, there's carrots in there, there's green beans in there. It has like a teriyaki sauce in there. And, and it took about eight, 10 minutes to just kind of steep in the water. The eggs take a little bit longer. It says about 15 minutes. So we're going to wait on those. But yeah, we can, you know, take it and try let's try this out.

All right. And washes and looks good. Yeah, Smells great. Smells awesome. And it's hot. Well, it's really good, actually. Actually, actually. Because sometimes, you know, when you change from the first time, you have no idea what to expect. You know, I mean, there's a lot of like Mari's out there and things like that. So you which I've tried a few out there this is very juicy.

Yeah, it's really tasty. I mean tastes like it was just cooked. So I mean there's the hydration process. I mean, it just keeps all the flavor in there. So a nice part is the chicken James real like you could taste chicken. Yeah. And it doesn't feel like it doesn't feel like hard pellets, like. Exactly. And then the other one, too, is there's a lot of meat.

So there's some that I know will give, you know, meat and just like all carbs, no protein at all. So this is I mean, this is excellent. So and this bag is easily big enough for three or four people or depending on you know, what else you brought. But because it says like serving of two. But if you can complement this with something easy, you can get on there easy, especially on, you know, sometimes junior high.

Can you use a lot of energy? You're not like going to fill yourself, right? So there's just really good portions. Yeah, they were shocking all these green beans in here. You actually takes the green beans. Yeah. I'm big fan of the carrot. And then. Yeah, the carrots are concerned. No, I mean, honestly, guys, I would totally have this camping trip.

You know, my next trip. I want to do that camping in the chiki in the Everglades. But it's kind of I don't know if I'm doing a kayak yet or canoe or taking the basketball out there, but this is I keep the bad light it simple using you can actually probably even have like I would totally buy this for a lunch on the boat and a percent yeah just go back back fishing and refill has tons of different you know recipes I've seen you know they have some possum meatballs, they have some macaroni stuff.

I think they even have some dessert. They think they have a peach cobbler. Really? Wow. Yeah, they have a lot of recipes. I thought I was like, you know, breakfast and. No, no, they have tons and tons of stuff. And I got to say, it's I've tried some of the other ones. And so far there has been there has been the best.

00:30:03:17 - 00:30:38:11
Yeah, well, and the one thing with dehydrated meals, sometimes I would say invite him. You can actually like put more water, get more saw since we last water, you know you probably a little more drier but so good. Yeah so you know the reason big reason why we chose this one is our first one. It's like we want to show you this simple and obviously, you know, food feeding your soul makes everything better, right?

00:30:38:18 - 00:30:56:19
So when you, like, go on a trip. When you go, just think of a picnic. I know, right? The food is the center of the family, center of the table. Everything taste better outside. And that's true. And that's so true. I'm actually going to study the whole kitchen back here. It's a lot of fun just to be out here and cook all day, right?

00:30:56:19 - 00:31:20:02
Yeah. Yeah. And you know, the when you're out and you're on the water or you're out in the mountains hiking, you know, you stop and just enjoy the view with, you know, some quick little kind of healthy meals to keep your energy up. It's just there's nothing like it, especially if you're sharing that time with your family, your son, your daughter, one.

00:31:20:05 - 00:31:45:10
That's the other thing, too. I like kids. Yeah. You know, I don't know. Does your son try this? And he liked it. And he did the eggs. Yeah. When we went to dry Tortuga, I had the eggs with him. I did. I did put his in a in a tortilla with some cheese and he liked that luckily. Look, my son is a pretty decent eater, so he, you know, enjoys most most of anything.

00:31:45:12 - 00:32:05:09
But yeah, I mean doing this and even with hot chocolate, I mean Matt has some hot chocolate actually in his in his head right here. I can't drink any more coffee, you know, you know, getting it warmed up in the in the jet bottle, pointing it pouring in there. So so far just today, we've, you know, we've done hot chocolate in the jet.

00:32:05:10 - 00:32:28:14
Well, we've done the chicken, the teriyaki rice, the breakfast skillet thing is almost ready in a matter of a few minutes. And you could really enjoy it, you know, out with your family. Also, I'm a huge, huge supporter of, you know, vacuum. Sealing your own meals. Yes. You know, get your steak. You know, let to say, I'm going to do this one.

00:32:28:14 - 00:32:50:28
I'm to do I'm going to do tacos. So I'm going to marinate the meat. I'm going to vacuum seal it. So when I get there, all I have to do is put the griddle on the open flame and at fish eating creek, each camp has a fire pit. So I'm just going to lay the griddle on top of the fire pit once the fire gets rolling and and then just put the season meat on there.

00:32:51:01 - 00:33:12:00
Everyone's ready to go. Yeah. Want everyone to kind of, you know, forget about prepping before camping so they don't have your on. You can easily go to Publix or Winn-Dixie or local like you know Kroger, anything like that. Grab it fresh, take it to the campsite. Yeah. Cut the onions, cut some vegetables, do everything. All the prep at the site diner.

00:33:12:00 - 00:33:36:04
I've done that. But then going to vacuum sealing. I mean, prepping your vegetables, prepping your meat, pre cooking everything. Change the whole game, right? And as Frank is there, YouTube is out there. I watched that they do that style of camping and you can just see they're chillin you know like they have this different vibe to them. So it depends on the type of I think you need to self-reflect.

00:33:36:04 - 00:33:58:08
And, you know, if you listen to this, you got to really self-reflect. Are you a like quote unquote chef for me when I'm in the kitchen? I mean, my wife always tells me she's she's always like she's like the luckiest wife to ever because I'm the one that cook. I love to cook. And that's my stress reliever. When I come home from work, I love to feed the family and cook and get to that fine dice the whole nine yards, right?

00:33:58:14 - 00:34:24:12
Trying recipes. So for someone like myself, I wouldn't mind taking everything and prepping on the campsite, Right? Yeah. But also I self aware that, hey, maybe that I'm going to enjoy it, but I'm the only one who enjoys. I might be taking time away from my family. So pre, you know, doing the vacuum seal and doing these type of meals on the dehydrated can restore that time.

00:34:24:14 - 00:34:41:14
So I think you know when you listen and you want to take away some stuff from today that's one thing right like what type of a chef are you camping chef? Are you one that loves to prep on site or do you want to have everything prepped beforehand or keep it simple like this, a dehydrated meal and call it a day?

00:34:41:14 - 00:35:02:03
I think that's something that you have to understand when you're a camper, what you're looking into, especially when you're the leader, right? So like Brandon naturally will be like the camping leader in our family and our respective families and stuff like that. So it would be funny when we camp one day together, you know, once, you know, that's going to be a we work really well together, so I won't be a problem.

00:35:02:03 - 00:35:29:19
We're just kind of joking here. But it's it's as long as you can self-reflect, understand that you need to be what type of chef, quote unquote, then I think your whole camping experience will be great and you want to keep it, You know, just I say keep it simple and yeah, as easy as you guys can. You know, you take some, you know, true survivalists, such as, you know, Donnie Dust, who we actually the guys, the man.

00:35:29:19 - 00:36:07:12
Yeah. Yeah. We've we did an Instagram live with him. Both his books that he has released, I've read he actually has a new book coming out in August of 2024 that you can preorder now. And you know, he does throughout the year. You know, true survivalists, you know, classes and stuff like that and and talks And you know, he'll go to you know, he's the type of person who will look for you know, recently killed your animals and use that and take just what he wants.

00:36:07:12 - 00:36:26:26
And I don't know if it was an scavenger or earth roamer that he has a story in there that they came across, you know, a dead animal here. I think he was with 2 to 2 other guys and they cut off. They cut off. He was obviously killed by another animal, cut off piece of meat, just what they needed.

00:36:26:28 - 00:36:47:23
And then, you know, started a fire and cooked it up. And that's another level. Yeah. You know, it's something that I hope to do. Yeah, that's it's one of. Yeah. And in addition to that, you know he also do you know Flint Knapping and making his own weapons and bows and you know knives. It's a, it's a, it's a craft.

00:36:47:23 - 00:37:10:26
It is, it's true. It truly is like also like bushcraft. Yeah, that's what I did a little bit of it. It's Yeah. And what he, what he can do with some you know tar pine and some obsidian and, and create is just insane. It's next level. Yeah. 100%. You know, when we're going camping, I am bringing in a fire boat so the boys can try to, you know, start their own fire with a fire boat.

00:37:11:01 - 00:37:33:19
that's fun. And I think that's going to be a fun. Yeah, those are the things experiment for them to, you know, try to do that. So that's, you know, that's going to be fun. And then Brett brought up a good point, too, right? Like I'm an avid, so I got to you know, we're blessed to have family up in Michigan and go up and trout fish, nothing like catching a trout from the river.

00:37:33:19 - 00:38:00:02
And then they have a little Manistee River in the national forest and catching trout and putting it right on the grill, you know, especially when you're deer fishing or you're hunting and you can't get your you harvest an animal. It's a beautiful thing, right? It's it's something sacred, I like to say, you know, you give a nice tip your hat for it and go ahead and then start talking about like harvesting animals.

00:38:00:02 - 00:38:28:13
That's something that takes it to another level. Yeah, but it really makes you appreciate where food comes from in one. Also, you realize how fresh things are when you're naturally harvesting. Yeah. Yeah. And when you're doing it yourself, I mean, you really you're using everything. So if, you know, if you end up, you know, killing a turkey or something, whatever it is, you know, for, you know, you're going to use every bit and piece of it.

00:38:28:16 - 00:38:45:11
So it's. that's true. Yeah. Like when I, when I catch, when I catch any type of fish, my wife laughs because I get like if I become like a doctor and I'm like, doing surgery and I just want to make sure I want every piece of meat out of it, even with like ducks and dogs and everything.

00:38:45:12 - 00:39:08:12
I'm always so worried about not doing the animal justice, but not taking every piece of meat. you want to hit that cut, But you got you. So we're going to go ahead and try this breakfast skillet. All right. I'm excited. We're one of like your Tabasco and I'm a catcher guy. Yeah, I, I, I like hot sauce, and it works.

00:39:08:12 - 00:39:28:02
Well, we don't have any Tabasco and lot of the same thing. Yeah, you don't. And that's because A-type hot. Exactly. So you guys can see here close up you know you have sausage in there, you got two eggs, you got to take a potato. You got some peppers in there. It looks like, you know, red even has cooked pork sausage.

00:39:28:02 - 00:39:47:18
It says here. Yeah. so you're really getting. So let's go ahead. Like I know there's some something we're looking at some kind of like, hey, what's up with the nutrition? Your bread would your that shop And I'll tell you a little bit about the nutritional aspect of it. Right? Right off the bat, I'm very big on making sure the proteins there, especially when you're on a trip like that.

00:39:47:18 - 00:40:10:11
So, you know, per serving, it says here, you know, you've got 19 grams of protein right then the entire contains got 36 grams. Honestly to me that's going to help me, I want to say stay alive, right? Like keep me going and making sure my body is able to handle what's coming up in the outdoors. So how's that there?

00:40:10:14 - 00:40:36:05
It's pretty good. All right, let me go ahead. I mean, try this out. The teriyaki rice has a lot of flavor. This is has flavor for me. It needs. It needs hearts. It has us. So has any scratching for me. Yeah, Yeah, but. But it's. I mean, if I was. If I didn't have the option. it's fine.

00:40:36:06 - 00:41:03:22
It's perfect. Yeah. If I didn't have the option of, you know, if I didn't catch it. This is great. The other thing I like too, is they give you again back to, like the whole protein, right? They put a minute like you could try the pork sausage everywhere. And they're not just going to Fluffy with the eggs or just throw a bunch of potato or bunch of peppers in and just to kind of mask one way or the other, very well-balanced.

00:41:03:24 - 00:41:29:24
Yeah. Does job. Okay, so I am impressive. It's pretty good. Yeah. And it's not runny too. I mean from amount of water we just put in there, it's very good. so daily, five or six grams for the total package. Carbohydrates, that's very important. So, you know, some people are very, like, weary of carbs. when you're out there, bring that much fuel when you're hiking.

00:41:29:24 - 00:41:49:17
Like when I had four miles for Honey, you need it, right? That's all. Wait a few of your body. So, really, like, peak. It says here it's an adjective. The highest level or greatest degree? I mean, should you? I would definitely use this to make sure I'm on my peak performance out in the woods or boating or anything like that.

00:41:49:17 - 00:42:07:17
So, I mean, that's to you on peak. Yeah. I mean, again, we're now we're just kind of starting the podcast kind of to jump in on some breaths, use this before and actually I'm very impressed with it I 100% I mean, you want to hit it again. Yeah right right Where a two man band here so you can see.

00:42:07:17 - 00:42:29:16
Yeah. So, no, this was this was good. This was, you know, it's, you know, hopefully we'll try some other ones. I mean, if you guys have any dehydrated meals that you think you know, we want to check out or any recipes, I think we have to open like a P.O. box or something. Maybe we get to that level where people start sending us things to try and things like that.

00:42:29:16 - 00:42:52:08
But yeah, come on down below. Let us know, you know, wherever you're listening to on this podcast, really what you should try and you know, now that we have this available to us, we're going to try to do more of these, have some special guests, special locations. Yeah. Do some, you know, do some out in the Everglades. You know, I have that.

00:42:52:10 - 00:43:16:08
I have like the survival truck that were ready just put out there in the Glades and just have a great time. Yeah, it's going to be a fun time. So until next time, make sure to subscribe. Visit Hope three six income for more episodes, and we'll see you guys out in the outdoors. All right, guys. See on the outdoors.