Drop Shot Rig

Drop Shot Rig - HOOK 360°

Items Needed:


Many tackle companies manufacture designed drop shot weights, round or rectangular of lead or tungsten that come with a tie on clip on the top. The weights range from 1/8 to1/2 oz. The most common weights used are 3/16 – 3/8 oz. Another alternative is a casting sinker a bell shaped sinker with a tie on swivel molded on the top.


There are many specialized drop shot hooks on the market, but any small hooks will work. For rigging small soft plastic’s use a 1/0 or 2/0 offset worm hook. Live bait minnows and leeches use a octopus hook size #6-#8. Panfish use Aberdeen light wire hooks size #6-#8

Lures/Live bait

Bait versatility is advantage of the drop shot rig. In rigging small soft plastic’s if you’re fishing open water run the hook thru it’s nose with the hook exposed, if there is cover in the area you can rig it Texas style making it weedless (See Texas Rig above)
Live Bait hook the minnow through it’s mouth, leeches through its sucker.


The drop-shot rig is a finesse technique that has been made popular by the bass fishing community, walleye and panfish anglers as well are now using the drop shot with many successes.




It is especially good for suspended fish that requires vertical placement of the bait in front of active fish. The drop shot is a way of tying your hook up the line and putting the lead on the bottom.

Fishing the drop shot is simple, cast or drop the rig straight down over the side of the boat, when the line goes slack reel up until the line is tight with the weight on the bottom, now shake the rod gently, you just want your bait to wiggle. A bite can be a subtle tug, a side way movement or just pressure on the line. Set the hook using a upward sweeping motion.

Suggested Tackle

As a finesse rig the drop shot is best fished on light line and spinning outfits.

  • Rod: Light fast action 6′-6″ to 7′ foot
  • Reels: Light Spinning balanced to the rod
  • Line: 6-8 lb monofilament

How to Rig

The drop shot rig is a easy rig to tie as long as you become comfortable with the knot used for the hook, The Palomar Knot . We recommend first time users to practice tying this rig at home before heading out on the water. As a reference you should print out a copy of our knot instructions as a guide.

To tie a drop shot rig;

  1. Determine how far off the bottom you want your bait to be, somewhere between 18 to 36 inches.
  2. Make a loop at that length and pass the line through the hook eye from the point side. Allow the hook to dangle, and tie a loose over hand knot in the doubled line, being careful not to twist the lines or tighten the knot.
  3. Pull the line by its looped end far enough to pass it over the hook Pulling at both ends of the line, tighten the knot. Leaving one end connected to the rod and the other tag end to tie on the drop shot weight using a Improved Clinch Knot .
  4. Be sure the hook rides horizontally from the line.