Delray Beach Clean Up

Delray Beach Clean Up - HOOK 360°

We were honored to host a beach clean up in Delray Beach, FL alongside the Sandoway Discovery Center and marine biologist, Evan Orellana. 75 locals joined us on a beautiful cool beach morning to collect over 200lbs of trash along a long stretch of beach. As members of 1% for the planet we urge everyone to get out and be active in conservation activities no matter how small or large they are.

Beach, lake, forest and river clean ups are extremely important to their community since it gives people a first hand look at the condition their community is in. When locals can physically see and pick up litter they tend to be more conscience of their own waste and habits. HOOK 360° looks forward to hosting more clean ups around the world in the future as we work toward our goal of leaving the outdoors in better condition for the next generation.