Autumn isn’t Canceled This Year: Top 5 Scenic Foliage Trails for Fall

November 19, 2020

Autumn isn’t Canceled This Year: Top 5 Scenic Foliage Trails for Fall

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The air is so cool yet the leaves on trees could resemble fire as scarlet and gold drift towards the sky. An autumn breeze and scarlet leaf come together to choreograph a new season and a new year. There are many ways to still savor this new season and this year’s fall while being mindful of the pandemic and travel precautions. Below are five colorful landscapes and outings in such places as New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Tennessee that offer some of the best vibrant colors the U.S. has to offer.

#1 Ohio – Cuyahoga Valley National Park

cuyahoga park

Usually, autumn would be the time for hugs, evenings with warm drinks, and even warmer smiles. But for many of us, during the era of Coronavirus, most people spend their pandemic time looking, swiping, and double-tapping their cell phone screens instead. Daily realities can go beyond the screen and one may discover the joys of cruising the roads, photography, walking trails, and canoeing at Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Any road that gets you close to the Cuyahoga River is worth checking out this time of year for their breathtaking display of vibrant hues. The tress in the wind resembling laughter from the Earth, dressed in almost carnival-like clothing, gold, scarlet, and pink leaves falling would be worthy of any picture.

This location is postcard-perfect and memorable views of foliage would be perfect for smiles anytime.

#2 Maine – Grafton Notch

Grafton Notch in Portland, Maine also includes rich foliage colors of fall. But it also features a Shaker community and mountains.

10-miles of artery, I-95 North at Gray Route 26 North passes the Shaker community. A celibate millenarian community that established communal settlements in the United States in the 18th century and the communities declined in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Some mountains from the Mahoosuc Range also lie within the park, offering rugged hiking terrain with amazing views, especially if someone is looking from Old Speck Mountain, which has a 4,180-foot elevation.

Visitors may also have food and lodge at the Sunday River Ski Resort for BBQ such as chicken on a bun and pulled pork.

# 3 Tennessee – Tennessee Central Railway Museum

Tennessee Central Railway Museum

Throughout the year, this volunteer organization conducts a wide range of short train rides. But the best time is for the Fall foliage Excursion along the Nashville and Eastern Railway. According to Smarter Travel, “The museum uses its own stable of 1950s vintage passenger cars and diesel locomotives.”

Just imagine, the old-fashioned metallic shriek heralds the arrival. A picture-perfect window seat, settling yourself into your entitled throne as you gaze at caramel leaves Gone are the grey clouds of yesterday, and here are crisp copper leaves - golden themes, golden dreams, the bright colors of today.

# 4 Pennsylvania – Reading Blue Mountain & Northern

This 1920s steam locomotive is a ride through history and the heart of Pocono Mountains. One may enjoy the town of Jim Thorpe and learn about its coal mining history and the life of the town’s namesake, Native American gold medalist athlete, Jim Thorpe.

Some attractions include,

  • Glen Onoko Falls Trail

  • Asa Packer Mansion

  • Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary

  • Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center

And More!

# 5 New Hampshire – Mount Washington Cog Railway

This 150-year-old railway carries passengers up a three-mile-long trestle to the 6,288-foot summit. From the summit, breathtaking views include valleys, mountains, and scenery from New Hampshire to Vermont.

Like a rope of jewels, a lush valley with fertile soils beneath those who go to the summit. A rich variegated wooded land. This time of year, one may feel an autumn breeze moving their hair and tousling it into curls.

On clear days, you may even see as far as Maine and Canada.

This time of year, the air is crisp, sweet, and autumn leaves fall like colorful confetti. Whether you’re hiking, from the comfort of a car, or riding on a train, this year’s fall season isn’t canceled and nature still has much to offer and enjoy.

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